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Welcome to The Manukau Sporting Rifle Club
Andrew Napier:
021 131 0488



Do we shoot on any other day of the week?

Unfortunately we don’t, as other clubs use the same facilities as us, and therefore we share throughout the week, with Wednesday being our assigned day. We do aim to let members and interested parties know as soon as we have extra days available for use, which are usually Saturdays. We post regularly on facebook.

Do we shoot anything other than .22LR rifle? 

As the facility is only rated for .22, and as our Club only shoots as such, we can only shoot .22LR on our nights/during our use.

Do we facilitate team-building events/group events? 

We can and do enjoy running team-building events and group events. We aim to do these on Saturdays where possible, or Wednesdays during the day. If you are wanting to request a group activity, please send details on our contact form, so that we can arrange a time and Range Officers to be present.

Is there any recoil on the rifle? 

The .22 calibre is arguably the most user friendly calibre, and has no recoil.

Can I become a member/what is the membership process? 

We extend the offer to become a member of MSRC after at least 3 attendances of the Club, that being 3 weeks as we only meet weekly. This three week period is to include a first time induction and practice shoot on the first week, and a practice and full detail shoot on the second and third week.

What is a detail? 

A “detail” is what we call a fully scored, competitive shoot on the full target, that we run regularly after the practice shoot on Wednesdays. We highly encourage that first time visitors watch the full shoot as it occurs so in the second and subsequent visits, you are more educated on the process.

How does a Wednesday night operate? 

Doors open around 5.30pm, with the practice and induction beginning at 6.30pm. Practice finishes 7.20pm. We have a short group briefing in the clubroom lounge at around 7.25pm, and begin the first detail at 7.30pm. Details generally last around 25 minutes, and a second detail if needed will begin at approximately 8.10pm.





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